No Holds Barred

I love it when I’m reading familiar verses and see them in a whole different light.  Usually when I read the story of the rich young man and Jesus, I see the lesson of letting go and giving God everything.  But today, He wanted me to see something else.

“And Jesus, looking upon him, LOVED HIM, and He said to him, You lack one thing; go and sell all you have and give (your money) to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come (and) accompany Me (walking the same road that I walk).  Mark 10:21 AMP

What caught my attention were the words loved him…Jesus knew.  He knew how desperately this man was searching; how much he was caught up in the things he owned; how secure he felt in his knowledge and religion.  Jesus also knew the emptiness this man experienced.  I believe the young man really, truly wanted to satisfy the longing deep in his soul.

But he just couldn’t give his heart.  The young man’s heart trusted in something other than Jesus, and he just couldn’t take that leap of faith and place it all in His Hands.  Did Jesus know He would die on the cross for the man who would reject Him?  I believe He did.  And yet, He still loved him! My mind just can’t wrap around that or fathom that kind of love.

What about me?

Jesus died on the cross for me.  He loves me with that same deep, inexhaustible Love…what do I do with it?  Am I able to completely and honestly give my whole heart to Him?  Easy to say, harder to do.  Do I hold on to “my” things in my life too tightly, believing the lie that I’ve earned them and they’re mine to do what I want to do with them?  If Father doesn’t have my heart, my entire heart, nothing else matters.  Knowing that Christ loved me before I became His is overwhelming.  I want my life to show how much I love Him.

I want Him to have my heart- no holds barred.

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  1. Thanks Kendra, it’s a good reminder to keep God first in our lives and hearts. Many blessings!!! I Love Him too…

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