Hugged by God

Nature is too thin a screen; the beauty of the One breaks in everywhere. – Ralph Waldo Emerson


I am loving this beautiful fall weather.    This past week, I’ve been feeling so blessed; hugged by God. He’s filled my days with so many good things.  What’s a hug from God?

It’s the chance to sleep in, then take all the time I want for devotions and being creative in my prayer journal…


It’s the spontaneous trip to a cafe with a friend and her littles, the yummy smoothies, the free cupcakes…yay!


It’s finding a cute, frilly sweater at Goodwill.  It’s puttering around my kitchen, making lasagna, drinking coffee, and listening to Johnny Cash.


It’s watching two fawns play in our backyard until the dog notices and chases them away, miffed that they got so close in the first place.


It’s a half-hour phone conversation with a friend, talking crafty things and planning a coffee run.

It’s a date night with my handsome husband, hiking the great outdoors, laughing the evening away.


It’s the promise of heart-to-heart conversations with dear friends.

It’s relaxing in our hot tub in the cool evening, watching the world turn silvery white in the moonlight.


It’s listening to Jay pray as rain beats on the roof and we sit, cozy in our little  home.

It’s reaching for the bright red leaves winding down a tree trunk and realizing it’s poison…and drawing an analogy to how I so easily reach for the shine of sin, only to realize just how tarnished that shine is compared to the glittering love of my Jesus.

It’s seeing the aching beauty of the blue sky and wondering if that’s the shade of blue I’ll see in heaven.

It’s the comforting words, the promises of prayer from family and friends as I face the penicillin testing this week.  Thank you!

It’s the beauty of a life wrapped in the arms of my Father.

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  1. I’m praying that all goes well or even better than you had hoped and prayed!

  2. Prayers for you this week- Kenj ! One the side note, I love reading your blog, such a talent for writing and I’m glad you are using it for Him! It’s encouraged me in my life so much! Thanks!

  3. That was beautiful Kendra! We will be praying for you this week. Let us know how it goes. Our God is in control!

  4. What an uplifting post! Loved it! And I’m praying all goes well with your test this week.

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