But God…

How is it almost October?

So much has happened since I’ve last posted way back in the beginning of August.  The last month of summer was busy…

Made canned BBQ green beans with my sister- they are so yummy!

Jay, my Dad & brother redid the deck…

We did quite a bit of babysitting…

I did more canning with my sisters…

And then came September…
We are approved foster parents!!

And a few hours later… 🙂 🙂
Little Man is just the sweetest thing, so content and happy!

I am finally a stay-at-home mommy!

It’s been sweeter and harder than I thought it would be.  The swiftness of it all, the emotional roller-coaster of caring for a baby that could be here weeks or months, the changed schedule- it’s been rough.  I cried so much those first few days, I begged God for patience, love, and grace where I failed, I struggled with someone else’s demanding needs being my new boss.  I felt cooped up, fearing to go out because little man just doesn’t like too much driving and makes it very well known.
It is way too easy to take in all the negative, all the newness, all the hard stuff, the different stuff and become a little depressed, a little sad, a little angry.  Self-pity creeps in, my mood spirals downward…and I realize that Satan is winning.
I’m not denying the shock of change on my emotions.  I’m not denying the fact that it is hard; sometimes not fun and often takes more love and patience than I think possible.
But I refuse to indulge in self-pity, fear, doubt, or stress.  I’m giving it all to God.  I want Him to take this valley of change and use it for His Honor & Glory.  I want Him to use me as a vessel of love, HIS love to our precious foster son.  I want this time of feeding and changing diapers, and rocking & rocking some more to drive me to my Savior.
I want my eyes opened to the beauty of now, even in the mundane.  I want to cherish this time of baby cuddles and smiles.  I’m choosing to love him as long as he is here.
 Great Things
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  1. I appreciate your honesty, Kendra. Change IS hard. Praying for you!

  2. Change is hard, even if it’s what we have wanted for so long…praying for you guys!!

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